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Policy / TOU

Walls and floors

You can recolour my floors and walls, but please show it to me !
I am Madoria on most Forums, Neighbourhood99, MTS, Swarm.
Paintings, objects are recolours of Maxis so I do not see why you should wanna recolour those but go ahead if you want to.


Filesharing is great and please do that at POBS at Neighbourhood 99 . You can also share with friends via mail. If you have the original zips please share those first. If my site should be gone or having a downperiod you can also share loose files off course. If my site would to be closing I would try to contact Saving the Sims for help.

For House builders

You can include my walls and floors in a house zip if needed

Pictures / Screen shots

Feel free to use any creation in any Screen shot !